Elena Mitina

For 15 years, I was busy working in the advertising industry (glossy magazines, international and Russian holdings) as a designer, art director, creative director. 8 years ago, I returned to my passion of painting. After several years of searching for my own, unique, signature style and themes, I created the first series of paintings that I call “SOUL TALK” 

The concept of my SOUL TALK series:

In my work, I am strongly attracted to the theme of a human’s inner world. The road to inner-self takes a lifetime or maybe longer. I’m sharing my personal experience and journey of getting to know myself through my works. I urge the viewer to think of how truly important it is to get to know yourself in real life, to find out who you really are, to hear your inner-self.

Stop, concentrate on your inner world, follow its leading. Do not compare yourself with anyone, do not copy others, do not live someone else's life. Get to know yourself as a child, a woman or a man, a father or mother, a student or tutor, a friend or enemy. Get to know, accept, make friends and most importantly- love!


  • Art school named after I.D.Shadr
  • Ural Academy of Architecture Art
  • Training course Artlife Academy "Monation of creativity"
  • Higher Online School "Learning Environment" (Currently studying)


  • Moscow / M.EL STUDIO / Painter
  • Moscow / MediaArts BE!MA / Creative Director
  • Moscow / IMSG One2Remember / Creative Director
  • Moscow / Video International Bates VIAG / Illustrator
  • Moscow / Propaganda Ogilvy / Designer, Illustrator
  • Ekaterinburg / "Happy" magazine / Designer, Illustrator
  • Ekaterinburg / "Stolnik" magazine / Designer, Illustrator
  • Ekaterinburg / InterMediaGroup Press-Service / Designer

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