Elena Mitina

A contemporary artist works at the intersection of traditional and new media, exploring the visual aesthetics that create a fusion of the digital and material world. She explores the theme of psychological balance of the individual in the modern world, the problem of physical and mental resilience in a rapidly changing reality and the search for inner strength and foundation. 

The author uses research on the topic of vulnerability through the lens of philosophy, psychology, and mythology as a foundational framework. By translating mythological images from traditional media into digital space, thus creating looped mechanics that realize the  relevance of eternal fundamental questions of existence. In her works we find the intersection of virtual and material worlds, which highlights the need to maintain a balance between the chaos of reality and the inner world of an individual with a genetic code and subconscious memory, which is reflected in the multi-stage creation of the works.

The result of the author's research is the series of works "Anti-fragility", which contains both digital works (Digital-paintings, NFT) and traditional media art (art objects, installations, prints). The prototypes for the series were found in the book "Anti-fragility. How to capitalize on chaos" Author: Nassim Taleb. The concept of Anti-fragility means the ability of an individual or a whole system not just to withstand unpredictable and destructive events, but to become better and stronger because of them. External chaos, including digital chaos, increases human anxiety by permanently increasing the amount of information.  The project allows us to conceptualize the idea of "Anti-fragility" on the basis of the author's reflection on the acute social problem of human mental health in today's world.


Born in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in 1974. She studied at the Shadr Art School, the Ural Architectural Academy and the Faculty of Modern Art Learning Environment. She further deepened her knowledge by enrolling in several private master classes and training programs. She has many years of experience in the advertising industry. Combining all her accumulated professional and life experience, she has developed her own special artistic style. 

Elena's works are held in private collections in Russia and abroad.
Currently based in Moscow, Russia.



          NIKOLSKAYA Gallery
          SOULE TALK solo exhibition 
          STONE HEDGE office
          curator Irina Nikolskaya

          curator Irina Nikolskaya
          NIKOLSKAYA gallery
          group exhibition LOVE 
          curator Irina Nikolskaya

2021 V International Interactive Festival 
          contemporary art in Moscow ARTLIFE FESIVAL
          Manezh Central Exhibition Center, curator Anastasia Andreeva



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