đÉntifragility 2024 series

The project reveals the author's reflections on the topic of human resilience in the modern world under constant stress. The main idea was found in Nassim Taleb's book «Antifragility».

Contemporary art became the most appropriate language to convey and express the artist's ideas. Why contemporary? Contemporary is something that happens here and now, and also involves the viewer in a mental dialog with the author. The theme of the series is acutely social, it shows the whole cross-section of society's problems - most people in the modern world are prone to neurosis, depression and other mental and psychological problems.

The series «Antifragility» conceptually encourages the viewer to understand the importance of finding inner support, and also has an educational function, revealing the theme of resistance to stress, inviting the viewer to think about self-preservation.



This series is about the inner world of man and his discovery of his authentic self. The author reflects on the importance of listening to one's self. To stop, to concentrate on the inner voice, to follow its dictates. Do not compare yourself with anyone, do not copy, do not live someone else's life. Get to know yourself as a child, yourself as a woman or man, father or mother, student or mentor, friend or foe. To get to know, accept, befriend and, finally, love!